Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Free xbox 360 microsoft

Did you know you can get a free xbox 360 microsoft for free? Yes, an xbox 360 from microsoft for free! Do I need to repeat that again?

Are you sick and tired of trying to persuade your parents to buy gaming consoles / games for you? No worries! I am here to show you a few methods to get an xbox 360 for free!

Ok now the first method is quite simple.

1. Sign up at - Free xbox 360 microsoft

2. Go on your email address and confirm the email.

3. Go to 'complete offers' section.

4. Click on an offer and complete what it says. Note: The amount of points the offer gives is on the right hand side of the offer.

5. Wait 10-20 mins and wait for the points/cash to come.

6. Redeem points for prizes or withdraw cash

7. Enjoy getting your free games!

Heres a full overview to how the website works :

The website pays you when ever you do an offer - such as signing up to a website. When you decide if you have enough points or cash, then you cash out or redeem points for prizes (free xbox 360 microsoft).

Method 2 :

Sign up at : http://www.imreportcard.com/r/Freezeice04

Here you are actually making money.

This website pays you 50c, $1 or $1.50 to write a review on a product. -you just have to make it up!!! So if you see a product that claims to get you $1000 a day...your review should be ...

"This website is a lie...I only earnt under $50 a day doing this product and their customer support is very bad...they reply once every few weeks. The prodcut is also very expensive and it has very known techniques that are overused everyday..."

It should not be like this :

"this website is a lie. It scams you so Do not buy it!! It is a big rip off, this is just a warning not to buy it."

See the difference?

So you have to add useful information inside, but they can be a lie.

Enjoy :D

Note : Make a free paypal account at : paypal.com
to withdraw the cash!